How To Create A Blog And Make Money In 2021

I use the resource called Bluehost. If you find a better resource — you’re welcome to use any of your likings, AND make sure to share your experience with us in the comments, so that we are all aware of better options.

Hit the “ Get Started “ button and choose your Plan (I recommend starting with Basic because you can always upgrade later, BUT if you plan to run multiple blogs or websites? Then you might want to go for Plus or Pro ):

Here, you can either use the domain you already own or create a new one.

After you go through that step, you’re set to customizing your blog (or a website!):

After you Log In to your newly created account with your newly created password, you will be asked if you need extra tips while building your website:

It’s up to you if you need help with building your website, but I’d recommend you take the help when being offered ^_^

Since we talk about creating a blog (and making money from it, too! ), we’ll go for the first option. Then, you’ll need to answer very straightforward questions, to make your creation process even easier:

After you pick up a theme, Bluehost will start installing everything you need for building a website ( WordPress, Cloudflare CNN, etc), so you’ll need to wait for a while.

For those who are new to this blogging creation thing, it might look scary at a first glance:

Here, you’ll be able to add the title of the page and create a block of textual information.

It will take you to another admin panel, where you will be able to play with fonts, colors, etc, to customize how your website looks like.

Now that you’ve created a blog, you can use all sorts of templates and images to fill it in, and make it look awesome, and engaging, play with fonts, brand colors, etc, fill with articles, and remember about SEO, — WHEN YOU DO all that, it’s TIME TO MAKE SOME MONEY.

  • Sell products (or services) via your blog. We talk about your own products or services here, because if you want to re-sell and sell some other products, then it’s called:

And there are other methods of charging for your content.

HOWEVER, to make some real money from blogging, you’ll need to

  1. Invest into SEO (either time or money or both) of your blog

Personally, I think the #1 way of making money through a blog — selling your own services or products, or make that blog as a sort of your portfolio to attract more customers — would work best for you, and all other methods are just nice bonuses/contributions to your business.

If you want to get started, Bluehost would be your go-to resource, and you can use my link to get a special discount: Best Web Hosting 2021

If you use any other website builders, let me know in the comments, which you prefer and why — it might help many.

And if you enjoyed this tutorial?

Get started now

Originally published at on June 16, 2021.



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