My Toloka Yandex Experience: Honest Review

Firstly, I was skeptical about the site after being burned a couple of times. However, I am glad that I stumbled upon this website this year. Toloka Yandex offers a range of tasks that can pay at least $0.20 per hour to $4. There was a task that gave me $0.30 within three minutes. However, payment depends on skill level. Obviously, when starting out, the pay would be significantly less. Tasks include counting the number of animals in a picture, comparing phrases, and reviewing advertisements.

I spent two days on the site, working only during my free time. I withdrew $3 dollars because I wanted to make sure I was not being scammed. Toloka Yandex won’t make you rich, but the payment will help you during the tough month. The best part of it — I received payment via Paypal within 2 hours, maybe because it is a Monday. Toloka Yandex welcomes workers from all countries. I am from Africa.

Feel free to register via my reference link.

Join Toloka via My Referral

*I only made $1.3 yesterday, after one hour. I did the “highlight text” activity. Some people seem to make more (about $4) based on the same. My current rating is 751, hence the access to more tasks

**Another edit: I was able to withdraw $10 within 4 hours on 20/1/2021. The money was received immediately. I guess the important thing is to finish tasks accurately, try out new training activities to get access to more, higher paying tasks.



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