What’s the easiest way to make money online?

Although I would have directed you to my article but considering that this forum is considering it as spam, I would suggest you to research on the following ways:

  1. Affiliate Marketing (Free)- Amazon, GoDaddy, Fiverr, Upwork and so many other big names offer a chance to earn decent commission per sale.

Yandex Toloka is a Russian multinational company that deals with internet products. The Yandex search engine receives high volumes of search requests that need to be analyzed. That’s where the paid tasks come in.

As a worker, will be analyzing internet content and helping the company in identifying things that a robot can’t do. Read ahead to learn more about what kind of jobs you can do, how you can earn, and how to start working.

How to Work for Yandex Toloka

Yandex offers its users two options to earn online, either do paid tasks or earn through the referral program. Here’s how:

Paid tasks

This option allows users to select a paid task from the list of tasks available on the dashboard. To access the tasks, you can sign up for an account on Yandex or you can access them through the Yandex app.

After you select the tasks you want to work on, you will receive instructions on how to do it. The users have to complete the task and submit the response for review. Once your submission is reviewed by Yandex, you will be able to receive your reward. The tasks can be anything like answering a question, taking a picture, or comparing a set of pictures.



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