Yandex Toloka Pays you to do Simple Tasks Online: My earning

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4 min readJun 29, 2021

Yandex Toloka is a site that allows you to earn money through simple tasks that require no prior experience. You don’t need any qualifications and the tasks are very simple that anyone can carry out.

Yandex Toloka is a Russian multinational company that deals with internet products. The Yandex search engine receives high volumes of search requests that need to be analyzed. That’s where the paid tasks come in.

As a worker will be analyzing internet content and helping the company in identifying things that a robot can’t do. Read ahead to learn more about what kind of jobs you can do, how you can earn, and how to start working.

How to Work for Yandex Toloka

Yandex offers its users two options to earn online, either do paid tasks or earn through the referral program. Here’s how:

Paid tasks

This option allows users to select a paid task from the list of tasks available on the dashboard. To access the tasks, you can sign up for an account on Yandex or you can access them through the Yandex app.

After you select the tasks you want to work on, you will receive instructions on how to do it. The users have to complete the task and submit the response for review. Once your submission is reviewed by Yandex, you will be able to receive your reward. The tasks can be anything like answering a question, taking a picture, or comparing a set of pictures.

Tasks are made available on the basis of the user’s rating. These ratings are assigned considering the quality and quantity of tasks. Some of the tasks you can expect on Yandex are:

  • Comparison of pictures and search results
  • Entering search queries to check web page compliance
  • Removing bad comments (abusive, spam, etc.)
  • Marking bad photos ( porn, perversion, etc.)
  • Field assignments ( organization reviews)
  • Taking photos of buildings and places

Pay range of the tasks starts from $0.10 to $1. However, you can maximize your earnings by attaining a higher rating than average. The more ratings you have, the more tasks you qualify for. Remember, users with higher ratings are paid more for the tasks as compared to other users.

Referral program

The company’s referral program allows users to earn a bonus by inviting a friend to earn on Yandex. Users can earn 5% to 20% of what the friend earns.

One of the sub-program allows you to earn 20% of what your friend earns if he or she is earning in specific cities in Russia and Uzbekistan only. For other tasks, you earn a 5% -10% commission. This percentage varies on the number of bonuses received.

A bonus of less than $10 allows you to earn 5%. If your bonus is less than $100, you get 7% of the amount and if it is more than $100, you get 10% of the cash. These bonuses are only given in the first month after the registration of your friend on Yandex.

How to start?

To start earning on Yandex Toloka, you have to sign up on their website to become a member. On the sign-up form, provide personal details like name and mobile number to verify your account. You have to be 18 years or above to earn on Yandex.

By signing up, you will also get a Yandex account which you can use for payments, etc.


Pros and Cons of Yandex Toloka


  • Yandex Toloka is an authentic site that allows users to earn side cash
  • The tasks are simple and require no prior experience
  • Many payment options are available
  • The support team is available for help and queries
  • Lots of available tasks


  • Lots of tasks to do
  • Earning is small
  • The referral program is a little complex

How does Yandex Pay?

Every time you complete a task, you will be able to directly view the money added to your user account in US dollars.

The company offers users various payment options. Users have the option to opt for PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and Papara. Paypal users can withdraw a minimum amount of $0.02 per week, Skrill users can withdraw $1 per week and for Payoneer, it is $20 a week. Users living in Russia can also opt for a withdrawal through the phone. A processing fee is also deducted from all payment options.



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